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Working with wafer paper – Squires Kitchen International School of Cake Design, Sugarcraft, Baking, Chocolate and Patisserie

Working with wafer paper

Wednesday 20th March

We’re excited to have award-winning pastry chef and cake artist Naomi Lee of The Cake Botanist back at Squires Kitchen International School. She'll be teaching her brand new course, Wafer Paper Wreath, on 15th May and 4th July.

If you haven’t worked with wafer paper before, this is an ideal place to start! Becoming more and more popular for wedding and special occasion cakes, it’s a great way to add texture and a delicate, ethereal feel to your floral design and the possibilities are endless. Naomi will show you how to get the most from this fantastic medium to add another technique to your repertoire and at only £99 per space, we have a feeling it won’t be available for long! Book today



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