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  • Saturday 3rd June

    Chocolate Fans

    Chocolate fans make an impressive cupcake decoration and are quick and easy to make with a bit of practice. They’re also a great way to cover a larger cake.

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  • Friday 16th June

    All About Royal Icing… with Tessa Whitehouse

    One of the few mediums of sugarcraft which can be used to finish an entire cake, royal icing is a baker’s best friend. Use it to cover a cake, pipe pearls, beads and borders, create flowers, drop lines or drapes, run-out monograms and motifs and also to decorate biscuits. Our tutor and royal icing expert, Tessa Whitehouse says that once you’ve learnt the various skills needed to produce these effects, you can also apply many of them to decorate your cakes using ganache and buttercream.

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