Vegan Baking

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Baking without eggs, without butter! Not possible we hear you say. Well this one day course is going to change your mind and amaze your future guests. In this day course you will master baked goods that you will be hard pressed to remember why you used dairy and eggs in the first place. Learn how to make pillowy sponges, luxurious buttercreams, and perfect macarons.

Course tutor: Stu Henshall

Course date and times:
  • Thursday 16th July: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Stu Henshall is a plant based food writer, consultant and tutor. Stu made the decision to dedicate himself to only creating food using plants rather than relying on meat, dairy, and eggs. The result, a truly fulfilling ongoing experience of experimentation, innovation, and discovery that he truly feels to be his calling. Be inspired –  join Stu for all that is best in Vegan Cookery!

On this one day course Stu will take you through the process of making various bakes and the techniques to build your confidence in the vegan kitchen.  This course is suitable for those with little experience in vegan cuisine but also for those looking to broaden their culinary knowledge.

There will be lots of cooking, but also plenty of chat, tasting, and most importantly fun.

Things You Will Learn: How to make various egg replacements and their application to bind, whip, and give richness to various bakes including root veg sponges and macarons. Tips on presentation and edible decorations.

Course Details

Sorry, fully booked
1 day course
10:00am to 4:00pm
Suitable for beginners
Type: Fun

Fully booked

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