Bake and Decorate Festive Biscuits

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Iced biscuits make perfect edible gifts for Christmas, afternoon tea and wedding favours. On this one-day course you will bake perfectly level biscuits ideal for coating and decorating with royal icing. You will then learn a range of royal icing techniques you can use to create your own unique, seasonal designs.

Course tutor: Tessa Whitehouse

Course date and times:
  • Wednesday 4th December: 9:30am to 4:00pm

Join royal icing expert and Salon Culinaire gold medal winner, Tessa Whitehouse, to bake and decorate a range of elegant and impressive iced biscuits. Discover Tessa’s tried and tested vanilla biscuit recipe that will ensure flat tops, little spread and a satisfying snap.

Next, learn how to make royal icing from scratch and how and when to add colour. Find out how to adapt the consistency of the icing to create a range of different effects. Three key decorative techniques will be covered: how to create wet-in-wet patterns, how to build up a sectioned design with run-out icing and how to use simple pressure piping skills.

Not only will you leave with a collection of beautifully decorated biscuits to share with friends and family, you will also take away a whole host of new sugarcraft skills and the confidence to create perfect biscuits for any occasion.

• How to bake level vanilla biscuits
• How to adapt the flavour of the biscuits to suit your tastes
• How to make and colour royal icing
• How to adapt the consistency of royal icing for different uses
• How to create patterns using wet-in-wet techniques
• How to use run-out icing to build up a sectioned design
• How to create decorative finishes using simple pressure piping skills

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1 day course
9:30am to 4:00pm
Suitable for beginners
Type: Project

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