Bake and Decorate Biscuits: Summer Fun

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Iced biscuits make perfect gifts, afternoon tea treats or wedding favours. On this one-day course, you’ll make and bake biscuits perfect for coating and decorating with royal icing. You will learn a range of royal icing decorating techniques to create your own unique biscuits.

Course tutor: Tessa Whitehouse

Course date and times:
  • Saturday 8th August: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Join royal icing expert and Salon Culinaire gold medal winner, Tessa Whitehouse, to bake and decorate a range of fun and impressive biscuits in just one day. You will learn how to bake the perfect vanilla biscuit using Tessa’s tried and tested recipe to ensure flat tops, little spread and a satisfying snap. Plus how to adapt the recipe for different flavours.

Tessa will show youhow to make and colour royal icing and then how to adapt the consistency for the ‘out line and fill’ method of covering a biscuit. Plus how to embellish your creations with simple pressure piping.

The techniques covered in this one day course include:

  • How to make piping and run-out icing
  • How to achieve a perfect, smooth coating of royal icing
  • How to create simple wet-in-wet patterns
  • How to build up a sectional design with run-out icing
  • How to embellish your biscuits with simple pressure piping

Students will leave with a range of individual and impressive biscuits, a Squires Kitchen certificate and the confidence to create perfect biscuits for any occasion

Course Details

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1 day course
9:30am to 4:30pm
Suitable for beginners
Type: Fun

Fully booked

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