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Ceri Griffiths is an international teacher, judge, author and TV personality. He started life in catering as a trainee chef, before changing his focus and training as a Master Baker and Confectioner at the South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education in Cardiff. After graduating with distinction in 1980, Ceri followed his passion and talent and immediately started working as a cake decorator and confectioner. During this period Ceri’s creations won several gold medals and acknowledgements at competition level, and he started appearing in international magazines.

Living in America and Australia for several years, he has taken on some of their own unique decorating styles which can be seen in the designs he produces today. Nowadays you are more likely to find Ceri at an airport than in a bakery; he regularly travels to teach, demonstrate and judge at major events. Ceri feels that he has been blessed with a gift and he loves to share his passion with students all over the world: the magic of teaching is now his biggest reward, and he loves nothing more than seeing the look on students' faces when they have achieved a project and turn to him to say "I can't believe I did that". Ceri is also the author of three books on the topic of royal icing.



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