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Carlos Lischetti's passion for cake decorating, baking and pastry started over 20 years ago. What started out as a hobby, as his curiosity grew, Carlos slowly started to take different local cake decoration courses that eventually helped him to master various sugar modelling techniques. These first steps as a sugarcrafter started in Rosario, Carlos's home town in Argentina. When his hobby became a career, he continued to work in Rosario until his ever-growing curiosity led him once again to take more courses, this time in France and England. Ever since this point he has always been self-motivated to try and learn as much as he can from well-known sugar artists around the world.

Now a leading name in sugar modelling and recognised as a master around the globe, Carlos passes on the skills and knowledge that he has gained over the years by teaching at international culinary schools and exhibitions and is a regular contributor to Cakes & Sugarcraft magazine. Published in September 2012, Carlos’ highly-anticipated first book Animation in Sugar (B. Dutton Publishing) was so popular that the first print run sold out in a matter of weeks.

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