About the school

The Squires Kitchen School has been teaching the art of cake decorating and sugarcraft since 1987.

The school was created to share our extensive knowledge of the craft with the help of amazing teachers and passionate students.

In spring 2010, Squires Kitchen’s sugarcraft school relocated to larger premises at The Grange, a beautiful Georgian style building close by. Next door is the new bakery school, a fully equipped room complete with state of the art appliances from Smeg to be opened in September 2010, so you can come to Squires to learn everything from baking a cake to decorating it.

About Squires Group

Squires Kitchen began in Beverley Dutton’s kitchen, in 1984. Beverley started baking and decorating cakes for sale, but soon realised that it was the business side of the venture that appealed to her. First the shop was opened in Wrecclesham Potteries in 1987, and shortly after the school was set up in the family’s home kitchen. As interest snowballed and customers and students came from a wide distance, new products were developed to meet customers’ creative demands. The first product Beverley developed was SK Petal Powder, a flower paste which secured the company’s first British Patent. Five years later, after more product development and with the company growing faster than ever, Beverley’s husband Robert, an architect, joined the business bringing more creative skills and expertise.

Over the last 20 years Beverley and Robert have built the company together, and continue to do so today, growing organically and taking on more and more employees who share the same passion for business and creativity as them. Every member of the Squires Kitchen team is encouraged to go on the courses – even the accounts department is a dab hand with a piping bag! Over 20 years on, Squires Kitchen’s School is the largest and one of the most popular schools of its kind in the UK. Today, as well as the International School, The Squires Group has an online shop – www.squires-shop.com, a magazine publishing division – Squires Kitchen Magazine Publishing, and a book publishing division – B. Dutton Publishing Ltd. The company also has manufacturing, distribution and warehousing for over 5,500 products many of which are own brand.

Whilst we offer a professional service, it’s this family feel and homely approach that keeps students coming back to Squires Kitchen’s School time and time again. We’ve inspired many a sugarcrafter, cake maker and cake decorator who came to learn with us and has now gone on to big and bright things.

We enjoy meeting our students and discovering amazing talent, so we hope to see you soon on a course at Squires Kitchen.

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The bakery school will also be used to hold demonstrations by guest authors, celebrity chefs and food stylists – sign up to our newsletter to make sure you’re the first to find out about these special events.


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Friends of Squires Kitchen

Delia Online

Delia Online

Delia Online is a great place to find tried and tested recipes, news on food products and special offers.

Learning to cook for family and friends is one of life's great pleasures and is something Delia has aimed to teach for over 40 years. Visit www.deliaonline.com where, in addition to over 1400 Delia recipes, you'll find menus, seasonal info, an archive on ingredients and over 60 step-by-step techniques from gravy to grilling.



The lovely people at McDougalls are sponsoring all the flour at Squires Kitchen’s School. McDougalls also have chefs who will teach special baking classes here at Squires Kitchen.

In 1864 home baking was revolutionised with the launch of McDougalls Self Raising Flour.

To guarantee the highest quality of products McDougalls began milling their own flour and became a household name as consumers experimented with a new convenient way of baking.

Since the early 1900's McDougalls have been sharing their baking passion and expertise through 34 editions of the famous McDougalls cookbook, providing the nation with many favourite recipes.

144 years later, McDougalls and their team of expert millers are still the market leaders in home baking, they continue to inspire home bakers to experience the joy of baking, with their range of high quality baking flours and convenient ready to use baking solutions.

For more information about McDougalls, please visit them at www.mcdougalls.com.



Squires Kitchen Bakery School is furnished by Smeg appliances and equipment, offering students the chance to use their latest models and state of the art cooking appliances.

Smeg create elegant appliances for a new concept of living. An unmistakable style, created with some of the most important architects and industrial designers of the world and expressed in original and exclusive designs. For more information visit www.smeguk.com.

Tate & Lyle

Tate & Lyle

Our friends at Tate & Lyle are providing Tate & Lyle Fairtrade Sugar for all students at Squires Kitchen’s School.

In 2008, Tate & Lyle announced their ambition to move the entire Tate & Lyle retail cane sugars range to Fairtrade. The first product to switch to Fairtrade was Granulated Sugar for a sweeter cup of tea, followed by Caster, Icing, Royal Traditional Icing for Fairtrade baking and also Preserving sugar for Fairtrade marmalade and chutney.

The switch means that sales of Tate & Lyle Sugar generate Fairtrade premiums for 6000 small scale cane farmers in Belize. The social premiums are being spent on educational grants for children in Belize as well as contingency funding that has been allocated to provide assistance for families displaced from their homes due to severe flooding.

What’s more, Tate & Lyle sugar won’t cost you any more than usual and will continue to give you the same great results.

For more information about Tate & Lyles range of Fairtrade Sugar and delicious recipes visit www.tasteandsmile.co.uk.



Students attending Squires Kitchen’s Bakery School will be able to develop their culinary skills using the stunning new collection of small appliances from VillaWare®. The range is perfect for anyone who has a passion for cooking, desires beautiful design in their kitchen and wants to create restaurant quality food at home.

There are seven products in the range, which features state of the art technology combined with style; durability and ease of use and all are produced from single cast metal to ensure sleek lines and performance. Choose from the VillaWare® Food Processor, Blender, Juice Extractor, Kettle, Toaster, Espresso Maker or Filter Coffee Maker.

Visit: www.villaware.co.uk for more information or follow VillawareUK on Facebook and Twitter.



KitchenAid first brought amazing convenience to kitchens over 90 years ago. Ever since cooks have enjoyed using our products to whip up their own delicious innovations.

Today, the KitchenAid legacy of quality lives on in the full line of kitchen appliances, gadgets, utensils, cookware, bakeware, cutlery and kitchen textiles sold around the world. Every product that carries the KitchenAid name, whether purchased in Paris or Peoria, is guaranteed to be durable, reliable and versatile.

For more information please visit www.kitchenaid.co.uk